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Water Rates to rise slightly 

The Board voted unanimously on the May 21, 2024 Board meeting to slightly increase utility rates effective October 1, 2024. New rate schedule.

Leve Aumento de las tarifas de Agua       

Los directores de la meza directiva de VMUD#2 aprobaron nuevas tarifas de agua y alcantarilla en la junta directiva el dia 21 de Mayo del 2024.

Las nuevas tarifas iniciaran en el mes de Octobre del 2024.  Nuevas tarifas.

​If your backflow preventer suffered damage, it must be repaired and tested by a certified license tester!! 

See backflow Prevention for more information.


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New Customers

Please submit the following to our office:

    1)  Customer Service Application  

    2) Valid State/Govt. ID.

    3)  Copy of Lease if you are renting.

    4)  Deed, trust or purchase contract

             if you are a property owner.

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Public Notice regarding 


fee contract

Click here for Notice

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