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 Help us keep the water safe!!

Valley Municipal Utility District is enforcing the state's Cross-connection and Backflow regulations.  The Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (TCEQ) requires that any actual or potential cross-connections be protected from backflow. Residents are required to install a backflow preventer assembly to prevent contaminants from entering the public drinking water system. This will protect your water against any contamination. 

A backflow is the reverse flow of water or other substances into the treated drinking water distribution system.

A cross-connection is when there is a physical connection between drinkable water and a liquid or gas that could make the water unsafe to drink. 

A backflow preventer assembly is a protective valve typically installed immediately behind the water meter on the customer's side. ** Backflow preventers need to be tested yearly (by a state-certified licensed tester) since they contain parts that can wear out and break down. 

​A Few Examples of backflow that can pose serious community health risk...

Your toilet

Your sink


Lawn irrigation system

According to the rules and regulations of the Texas Commission of Environmental Quality (TCEQ), you are required to install a backflow preventer assembly to prevent contaminants from entering the public drinking water system.  Backflow preventers allow water to flow from the customer’s service line to a sprinkler system or pool equipment, but water or other substances may not flow from the lawn sprinkler system or pool equipment back into the customer’s service line or the public drinking water system. Customers can use a (RPZ) reduced pressure zone backflow device or a (PVB) pressure vacuum breaker. If you already have a backflow preventer assembly installed, TCEQ requires that it be tested by a TCEQ licensed Backflow Prevention Assembly Tester and a test report form be filled out and submitted to our office. A list of licensed Backflow Prevention Assembly Testers can be provided to you for your convenience. You can also use any Backflow Prevention Assembly Tester that holds a current license. Additionally, backflow prevention assemblies must be tested annually and whenever they are taken apart for cleaning or repairs and the test report form must then be submitted to our office.

For more information, you can call our front office and/or visit the TCEQ website at:

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